The Starling Framework !!

Hello Every One !!

Later days i am working on 2D games for Multi-Platform Devices (iPad ,Android and Web) using starling framework. Really nice exp on working with starling frame work , So i would like to share small introduction about Starling.



Starling is an Action Script 3 2D framework developed on top of the Stage3D APIs, available for the desktop in Adobe Flash Player 11. Starling was designed for game development, but you can use it for many other applications. Starling makes it possible to write fast GPU accelerated applications without having to touch the low-level Stage3D APIs.

  • Starling is designed for ActionScript 3 developers, especially those involved in 2D game development.
  • Starling runs in the browser and on all major mobile platforms, like iOS and Android.
  • Starling is a pure ActionScript 3 library for Adobe Flash.
  • Starling is lightweight, flexible and easy to use.
  • Free & Open Source.
  • Platform independent & Amazing Performance,familiar API.

You can download the framework and tutorials  from following sites.

For Download             : Gamua

For Video Tutorial    : Hsharma

For Manual Tutorial : wiki.starling-framework


Kutty 🙂

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